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Oncology Consultants

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, the oncologist and staff at Kingman Oncology Institute, are ready to team with you to fight and win the battle with cancer. From the most feared and life-changing experience of discovering that you have a cancer, to the hope and satisfaction you get from the care that we offer, we are by your side every step of your journey to being cancer-free.

New oncology patients are seen within a few days, if not the same day as referral if necessary. We consult on all types of adult cancers and blood diseases. We are experienced in a wide spectrum of diseases that integrate hematology and oncology. Dr. Malik is well known to many referring physicians in the area and has established an open communication with each patient’s provider.

Items to bring

Please bring the following items with you to your initial consultation:
  • Insurance cards
  • List of medications
  • List of questions you may have. Please note, initial consultations are often lengthy and very informative discussions. We recommend that you bring a written list of your questions.